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Landscape lighting is a specialized service of ours and comes with many benefits outside of sprucing up your home or business. We have identified a small set of benefits below for our lighting service:

  • Security – Illuminating outdoor areas cuts down or eliminates places to hide. Anyone wanting to create mischief is dissuaded from doing so. Lighting is one of, or maybe the best way, to secure your outside areas.
  • Safety – After the sun goes down it’s often too dark to navigate. Lighting up the area makes it safe for everyone to move around. The safety of family, friends and guests is of prime importance at all times at your home.
  • Usability – More of a yard can be used after it’s lit up. Decks, patios and other recreational areas can be used as much after dark as when the sun is up.
  • Beauty – Lighting can be used to accentuate the architecture of your home. Dramatic lighting displays can highlight a fountain, statue, tree or any other feature or object in the yard. Showcase that special object in the yard with expertly-placed lighting while setting apart your home from your neighbors.

The staff at Julian Landscapes is committed to serve you and to create a long lasting relationship with our clients. We will continue to live up to our reputation by ensuring that we continue to provide excellent work to our clients.

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